Caverta Tablets 100mg

Caverta tablets is a product of Ranbaxy laboratories which is very efficient in treating erectile dysfunction in men. Its main constituent Sildenafil Citrate is the top player in increasing the blood flow into blood vessels of penis and offers a long lasting and robust erection in men for complete sexual satisfaction. Caverta tablet is approved by FDA and it became effective within 30 minutes, providing a long time for entire intercourse.

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4 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £2.5 £10
8 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £2.4 £19.2
12 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £2.3 £27.6
16 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £2.2 £35.2
20 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £2.1 £42
24 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £2 £48
28 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.9 £53.2
32 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.8 £57.6
36 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.78 £64.08
40 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.76 £70.4
44 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.74 £76.56
48 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.72 £82.56
52 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.7 £88.4
56 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.68 £94.08
60 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.66 £99.6
64 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.64 £104.96
68 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.6 £108.8
72 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.56 £112.32
76 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.52 £115.52
80 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.5 £120
84 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.48 £124.32
88 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.46 £128.48
92 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.44 £132.48
96 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.42 £136.32
100 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.4 £140
200 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.32 £260
300 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.2 £360
400 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1.1 £440
500 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £1 £500
1000 - Caverta Tablets 100mg £0.9 £900

To what you can refer to a proper dose of Caverta tablets?

Caverta tablet increases the strength and capability of sex in men working internally. It is the main factor which affects the blood circulation to penis and helps in getting an unbreakable erection. We highly recommend taking only one pill in a day for receiving the best results during performance of sex with full energy. By exceeding its consumption in a day you will fill your body with harmful side effects.

How do side effects of Caverta Tablet trouble you?

Caverta tablet is a very potent and powerful pill with least severe side effects. It is capable of increasing sex strength in men. Most of the men admit that impotence is a really embarrassing problem.

You can feel some of the troubles like Headache, facial flushing, nasal blockage, and upset stomach which are normal. But if you are experiencing any other abnormal but serious issue in your body, meet a proficient physician as soon as possible.  

What is termed as the safe storage of Caverta tablet?

Caverta tablets should be stored at room temperature. And, it should not be brought close to the moisture and heat. Keep it at such a place where children and pet animals could not reach. If they bite it by mistake, it can cause several types of problems in their body. 

What safety measures and precautions should be followed to gain adequate effects of Caverta tablet?

The consumption of Caverta tablets must be under limits as its overdose has many serious and mild side effects.

Do not self-medicate and allow doctors to decide if Caverta is suitable for you. It can lower your blood pressure temporarily. You will need to pass through a full medical check up to cure your erectile dysfunction and get to know if you can swallow Caverta alone or with other drugs. 

We have pointed out some issues which should be discussed with your doctor during consultation:

  • You are suffering from heart diseases like Angina, chest pain, heart failure, irregular heartbeats, and heart attack or had been a patient of the same in the past. 
  • Low or high blood pressure which is also known as Hypertension and Hypotension.
  • A very rare eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa.
  • Any kidney or liver related problems.


  • Any blood problems such as sickle cell anemia or leukaemia.
  • Being allergic to Sildenafil Citrate or any other remaining constituents of Caverta tablets.
  • A prolonged erection more than 4 hours, deformed penis and Peyronie’s disease.
  • Any kind of bleeding illness and stomach ulcers.
  • Absorption of any other nitrate containing drugs. 

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