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Can Obesity Make You A Patient Of Erectile Dysfunction?

What if I say that obesity not only damages your cardiovascular health but also harms your sexual abilities to a great extent? Maybe it would be hard for you to believe.

Junk food consumption is an almost everyday habit for the half of the population of the world but least would be knowing that these delicious dishes provide you extra fat which not only damages your health internally but also makes your physical shape look pathetic and leave you virtually unattractive.

It’s incomplete yet as obesity can badly affect your manhood as well. You might suffer from a sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction or impotence if you are obese from a long time as it puts the sexual health of men at risk.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction And How It Is Connected With Obesity?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is the other name for impotence in terms of general talking. It can be defined as the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection in the penis as required for the satisfactory sexual session. It is the most familiar sexual disease in men which is normally seen in men above the age of 40 years but few studies suggest that the younger generation may also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

ED can be caused by several underlying negative health conditions and due to a few bad lifestyle habits. It can be proved as the reason behind the deterioration of the sexual health of a man over 18 years of age.

In the recent studies conducted on ED, the fact that rose up is obesity is a potential cause for ED and overweight men have higher chance to suffer from ED than one who maintains a healthy physical shape of the body. You don’t need to be surprised by the above-mentioned fact as an erection in the penis is completely dependent on the blood supply inside it. Actually, the ability of the heart to pump enough blood to the different parts of the body including penile region is reduced by obesity. Similarly, it is scientifically proven that diabetes is also one of the familiar underlying health condition for erectile dysfunction(ED) or impotence in men as there are established connections between obesity and diabetes both.

Check the Fat Percentage in Your Body

Maybe some people would be finding it difficult to figure out the fat percentage in their body. As BMI (Body Mass Index) is widely used method or tool on which many people depend to calculate the fat in their body but technically, it is not as accurate as people expect it to be because an obese person and a muscular individual can have the same BMI score.
Men may get confused when they come to know that the long-trusted method of calculating the body fat percentage i.e., BMI Calculator is not so precise. Now, you must be thinking of the alternative of BMI Calculator to know the percentage of fat present in your body right now.

Take the measurement from your waist to hip to know better and precisely the date point. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the abdominal obesity can be defined when the waist-hip ratio is above 0.90 in males and 0.85 in females all over the world.

How impotence can be treated?

Easiest and cheapest option available for the treatment of disease like impotence is Kamagra. It is approved by FDA for the ED remedy and Sildenafil Citrate is present in the drug largely. The effects of this oral drug are equivalent to Viagra and it also works on the fainted erectile tissues with the same efficacy as the other branded ED pills act. Being a fat man, if you have been diagnosed with ED then you can buy Kamagra at an economical price and start consuming it to eliminate such sexual disorders from your life. Focus yourself on shedding some pounds and start doing so simply by jogging 2 miles in the park of your locality. Physical workout and the right dose of Kamagra together can strengthen your reproductive organ in some time. You may also live on dieting for a few months to burn the already loaded fats in your body including belly.

Using Kamagra Safely – Finest Tips